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Signé Marie-Pierre
Signé Marie-Pierre

A Silhouette  


If your shoulders are slightly narrower than your hips and your waist is well defined you then have an A Silhouette. This is a pyramid-shaped figure that women often inherit after pregnancy. If this is your case, you should focus on your upper body and shoulders to balance your figure. How to get there?


• Harmonize and balance your upper body with patterned and colored tops, making sure they are close to the body without being tight; 

• Wear slightly flared skirts or pants, without darts or pockets, that do not hug or tighten the hips.

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Our approach according to your figure


Signé Marie-Pierre’s Stylists


Founder and owner of the boutique, Marie-Pierre, has graduated from the «Académie Avec Style of Louise Labrecque», who is renowned for having developed the VIAXHO method which defines the women’s morphology. This approach gives the possibility to determine the silhouette type of a person and then target the parts of the body to be concealed or highlighted in order to create a balance between the proportions of the upper and lower body (tending towards the X shape or the Marylin Monroe proportions).


Why use the VIAXHO method?


Clothes are your best allies when it comes to balancing your body shape. It’s essential to know your figure well enough before investing in your wardrobe. You’ll be in a better position to make the best choices in clothing’s that really enhance you!


The 3 Step Signature by Signé Marie-Pierre


The 3 Step Signature is a simplified version of the silhouette method, which allows you to make smart choices in store or online. Offered free of charge in store when you visit our stores in Saint-Eustache or in Mont-Tremblant. The 3 Step Signature consists of taking 3 measurements and giving you 3 recommendations on beneficial styles for your figure in only 3 minutes! Our advisers are trained to offer unparalleled expertise of the cuts and styles that will divine your silhouette by highlighting your assets while concealing those small imperfections so easily forgotten with the right garment!


All our women collections are presented with Silhouette labels VIAXHO, making it easier for your shopping experience in store or online.

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